Vapor Smell of Electronic E Cigarette

What does the vapor of an E Cigarette smell like?

This is an interesting question. Many vaping converts claim that the vapor does not have any real smell. In comparison to regular analog tobacco cigarettes they are mostly right.

It often depends on the type of e liquid you are using. Many have very little vapor smell, whereas other liquids are more pronounced. It can also depend on the ingredients. A PG or propylene glycol based mixture might leave your room smelling a bit like a smoke machine. A VG or vegetable glycerin liquid probably has less of a smell.

In addition, if you are using e liquid flavors like strawberry or chocolate, you can expect the vapor to be of a sweeter or fruity smell.

Many non smokers cannot smell the vapor if they walk into a room or get into a car after you have been vaping. Others however will notice it, but it is unlikely to be off putting.

Compared to smoking regular tobacco, the vapor from an e cigarette is likely to be a breath of fresh air for both you and the people around you.

What has been your experience of the smell of vapor? Which brands of vapor leave less of a smell? Leave your comment below.

Smoking Experience of Vaping E Cigarettes

While not exactly the same as smoking a real cigarette, an electronic cigarette offers a plausible alternative. As many smokers may tell you, its often a matter of adapting to change. It's much the same as adapting to a different strength cigarette or a different brand. For example it would take smokers a while to get used to changing from regular cigarettes to menthol or vice versa.

Once you have adapted to the taste of an e cigarette vapor, you should notice that all other aspects are much the same as smoking tobacco. The taste is good, the smoke or vapor is realistic and the action of smoking is very similar. Many people who have tried to quit smoking will tell you that it is the action of smoking that is often as addictive as the nicotine or other products.

Have a look at the components and the smoking experience in the following video.

Vaping - An Overview of Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic Cigarettes are taking the world by storm. Invented in China in 2004 by a man seeking an alternative to regular cigarettes, they have gone from strength to strength in popularity.

An "E Cigarette" contains no regular tobacco. Instead, they are made up of an electronic device which warms flavoured liquid and turns it into a vapor. Vaping of sucking on the device as you would do with a regular or "analog" cigarette, a smoke like substance is produced, giving all the appearance of regular smoking.

And the liquid is made up of flavors which can mimic the taste of analog tobacco cigarettes. Not only are the flavors available in tobacco, there are others like coffee, coconut and chocolate to name just a few.

An E Cigarette usually comes in three separate parts. Firstly, a rechargeable battery to power the device. Secondly, an atomizer which connects to the battery and works by heating the liquid. Lasty, a cartridge filled with a cloth type "wick" which contains the liquid.

There are many different electronic cigarette products on the market. There are even disposable vaping kits available.

The liquid is made up of non harmful products, many of which are food grade. The product which helps to produce the special vapor is either vegetable glycerin or propylene glycol, which is generally used as the ingredient in smoke machines. Both are considered non harmful by the FDA in the United States. The flavor ingredients are generally the same as you would use in cooking.

All the products are available in various strengths of nicotine and even nicotine free.

Hundreds of thousands of people around the world have used the E Cigarette to stop smoking tobacco cigarettes. This is despite the fact that the e cigarette is mostly not allowed to be promoted as a "quit smoking" device.

Some countries have gone so far as to ban the domestic sale of the nicotine based liquid, unfairly suggesting that e cigarettes could lead to people taking up tobacco smoking. However, the liquid can usually be sourced by many reputable suppliers in China.

While the smoking experience is not the same as regular tobacco, it is very similar and leads many people to never "light" up a cigarette again. Generally, users are extremely positive on the experience of vaping.

Here at E Cigarette Review, we hope to bring you some of our experience and potentially provide you with some more information so you can make up your mind on vaping.